Augmented Fluoroscopy

Real-Time | Autonomous | Vendor Agnostic

Conventional fluoroscopy is used to guide many minimally invasive medical procedures, but no clinical technology exists that seamlessly incorporates information from existing diagnostic 3D images that often dictate the need for such procedures.


Acrew Imaging’s Augmented Fluoroscopy solution, Fusion3  (FastFluoroFusion), autonomously overlays diagnostic contrast CT, MRI and/or PET scans on live fluoroscopic images in real time.

The Problem:

27 million fluoroscopy procedures were performed in 2022. However, some critical structures, like vessels, are invisible. Doctors must make mental correlations between the patients’ pre-procedural images and the fluoroscopic images to visualize these invisible, critical structures. This process is imprecise and exacerbated by patient movement during procedures due to pain, respiration, or cardiac motion. This can make accurate needle, wire, or catheter placements difficult, slow… and potentially dangerous.

The Solution:

Fusion3  is a patent-pending software architecture that brings pre-procedural 3D images together with live fluoroscopic images in real-time, and automatically fuses them for better visibility by the doctor. The software enhances the ability to perform procedures without changing the current workflow, is secure with no cloud required.

Benefits of Fusion3 


Provides precision overlays of fluoroscopic procedures


Automatically corrects for patient or equipment movement

Value Added

Adds high clinical and economic value for hospitals and outpatient centers